Romney wins Puerto Rico primary

Both Santorum and Romney visited the island looking for votes, but Santorum's published quote about residents being required to adopt English as its primary language before statehood did not endear him to the Spanish speaking Puerto Ricans. He claims to have been misrepresented. That doesn't matter because the quote echoes what many GOP lawmakers have been saying anyway.

Romney was able to win more than 50% of the vote which means he will receive all 20 delegates available.


Mitt Romney handily beat Rick Santorum in Puerto Rico's presidential primary, the Associated Press reported on Sunday night.

Romney's victory was so convincing that he took all 20 of the island's delegates because he scored more than 50 percent of the vote. Enrique Melendez, the Republican representative on the Puerto Rican state electoral commission, confirmed to the AP that Romney "won the Puerto Rican primary by a huge margin and we are granting him the 20 delegates."

The former Massachusetts governor has now made a clean sweep of all U.S. territories to vote thus far in the GOP primary, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

Romney painted his victory as a sign that Latinos were open to supporting Republicans in the fall.

"Those people who don't think that Latinos will vote for a Republican need to take a look at Puerto Rico," Romney said from a suburb north of Chicago. "I intend to become our nominee and I intend to get Latino voters to vote for a Republican and take back the White House.

"We just had good news from Puerto Rico. I think we're taking all 20 delegates, so that was great news," added Ann Romney, his wife.

Those 20 delegates plus whatever he gets out of Illinois on Tuesday will further stretch his lead. Because of his poor organization, Santorum is eligible to receive only 44 of the 54 delegates available (another 15 delegates will be awarded at the state convention later this summer.) By the end of the week, after the Louisiana primary, Romney will be more than halfway to the 1144 delegates needed for the nomination.

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