Obama is Fooling Lots of People on Israel

Commentary is a wonderful source of information and analysis, and Seth Mandel who is with Commentary is a gifted writer and a great thinker.  That's why I was dismayed when I read the title of his article on Thursday: "Obama Still Not Fooling Anyone on Israel."  That is absolutely not true. After reading the article, I wondered how someone could choose such an inaccurate title.  As usual, Mandel's analysis and conclusions are impeccable: Under the previous two administrations-one Democratic, one Republican-the Israeli right, left, and center have all signed agreements, made final-status offers, or led Israel to make unprecedented sacrifices for the peace process. As Yossi Klein Halevi wrote recently: "Israelis still recall with disbelief how Obama refused to honor Bush's written commitment to Ariel Sharon-that the U.S. would support settlement blocs being incorporated into Israel proper. And never has an American president treated an Israeli prime minister with...(Read Full Post)