Nationwide anti-Obama rallies ignored by the media (again)

It's always nice to see large groups of concerned citizens peacefully protesting the Obama administration's moral bankruptcy, even if you don't hear much about it from mainstream media outlets.

From a March 23 story at

Another 'Occupy' movement has just rocked the United States of America -- but with a very different message.

Tens of thousands of men and women gathered in 146 protests on Friday, joining a grassroots effort that organizers say grew far beyond expectations. The rallies were held to protest the Obama administration mandate forcing religious universities, charities, and other groups to pay for abortifacient drugs and other birth control for students and employees.

But while the purpose of the Occupy protests last fall was sometimes criticized as being somewhat hazy, the message of this event was clear. According to the Friday rallies, the HHS mandate is not a birth control issue, but a religious freedom issue, and a challenge to fight that won't be ignored....

I attended the rally in downtown Chicago and was heartened to see well-behaved people of different ages participating in the event.  It's a sign of hope. 

Another sign of hope, according to a March 23 news item at

A new survey shows a 'noticeable shift' in the opinions of American Catholics regarding the Obama administration's position on religious freedom. Apparently as a result of the clash between the White House and the U.S. bishops' conference on the mandate for contraceptive coverage in health-insurance programs, the number of Catholics who see the Obama administration has unfriendly toward religious freedom has jumped from 15% in August 2009 to 25% in March 2012.

But lest we get too excited:

However, most Americans continued to say that the Obama administration is either friendly toward religion (42%) or neutral (25%), the poll showed Evangelical Protestants and Republicans were most likely to fault the administration for hostility toward religious freedom....

Not to be a total pessimist, but we conservatives are still facing a very-uphill battle.  In fact, I fear that only a terrible economy -- yes, it's bad now, but I mean really, really bad -- will make Obama vulnerable enough to lose come November.

God help us.