Israel to be Barackstabbed Again?

In his meeting with Netanyahu at the White House after his AIPAC speech, Obama assured Netanyahu, "The United States will always have Israel's back when it comes to Israel's security." That should worry those who think that Israel has the right to exist. In the 2008 campaign Obama adopted a pro-Israel stance. He staunchly defended the Israeli-American alliance. His speech to AIPAC contained all the  pro-Israel boilerplate that that we now hear at his 2012 AIPAC speech. The various flavors of "there will always be an Israel" and "Israel is our staunchest ally"  and  "Jerusalem would forever remain the undivided capital of Israel" are trotted out again. But then what happened? After getting the Jewish vote that gave him Florida and the 2008 election a different Obama emerged. In 2009 the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs reported that Obama had imposed a virtual arms embargo on Israel.  Obama blocked all major Israeli weapons requests, including key...(Read Full Post)