WaPo falsely accuses Israel of killing Palestinian teenager

From an Associated Press dispatch in the March 13 print edition of the Washington Post under a headline that reads:  "Civilian deaths rise in Gaza fighting":

"The civilian death toll from violence between the Israeli military and militants based in the Gaza Strip rose Monday as three Palestinians -- a 15-year-old boy on his way to school and a father and daughter walking in the street -- were killed by Israeli airstrikes, Palestinian officials said."

From the March 13 edition of the New York Times under a headline that reads:  "In Gaza, Fight Is Familiar, but Conditions Have Changed":

"A Gaza medical official and Gaza human rights groups said that one of the victims, Nayif Shaaban Quarmout, 14, was killed in an airstrike and that five other youths were wounded as they walked to school, but the Israeli military denied having carried out any attacks at that hour.  An Agence France Presse reporter at the scene confirmed that there was no sign of an airstrike."

Several other media reports concluded that the teenager and other youths were playing with live ammunition and it went off, killing the teenager in question and wounding some of his buddies. 

The Times did some checking and, relying on AFP, rejected the AP allegation that the boy was killed by an Israeli airstrike.  The Post, looking for ways to blacken Israel, ran with a false AP story that already had been widely discredited.