The Only Conscience is The Liberal Conscience?

It seems another group has fallen victim to the Left's assault on individual conscience this week, followed by a proper outcry of righteous indignation.  The administration's affront to religious liberty is a contemptible tyranny (redundant, I know), but perhaps it should garner no more than a collective palm to forehead and a big, duh.  Because, frankly, those who have yet to see the pattern here are missing the point entirely.  This isn't about the conscience of any one group, not even Catholics.  If any message is to be taken away, it is that the only conscience is the liberal conscience -- and it knows no compromise.  So sayeth the Left.  Before anyone contends this belabors the obvious, it does.  But it bears mention - and repeat, and proclamation, and declaration -- if only because so many Republicans and naïve middle dwellers are so fond of terms like reaching across the aisle and electability; bipartisan photo ops on the golf course,...(Read Full Post)