A warning from Britain

On Thursday night, the Chairman of the newly formed British Freedom Party, Paul Weston, spoke to a group of New Yorkers at an meeting sponsored by Brigitte Gabriel's Act For America organization. Weston also said he came to warn America that what is happening in Britain today could happen in America in the not too distant future.

Five years ago, Mr. Weston was in private business (real estate) with no interest in politics, but seeing the decline in quality of life and cultural institutions in Britain caused him to start writing about these subjects. Weston then came to the conclusion that he could no longer sit on the sidelines as his country faced a "dystopian" future of mass immigration and riots in the street. Quoting Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations, Weston spoke of "The Illusion of Permanency," a belief that things will go on much the same as they always have. This illusion was easy for the native British population to maintain when they were the vast majority on the residents (the word "citizenry" doesn't quite fit here). And this is the attitude taken today by the British Conservative Party which refuses to talk in public, if not in private, about anything being out of sorts in Britain. I'd call it a British version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" applied to jihadists and a potential sea change in British society and politics.

Mr. Weston spoke of how Tony Blair and his British Labor Party set out to destroy traditional Britain by encouraging mass immigration to ensure a majority that would vote for the Welfare State in perpetuity. Millions of people from around the world were invited to move to Britain. Pamphlets were distributed in Pakistan, for example, urging locals to move to England and go on welfare. And both of these actions were facilitated and were, fed, in part, by post-colonial British guilt. Today, although a native British citizen cannot marry more than one spouse, the United Kingdom pays welfare costs for immigrants with up to four wives and their children.

Seeing this problem in terms that the British Labor Party did not then anticipate and even now doesn't comprehend, Muammar Gaddafi plainly spoke his mind years ago when he said, "We have fifty million Muslims in Europe. Allah will grant us victory without guns."

The native British white population is having children at a rate of 1.4 per couple -- and considerably fewer of them are forming couples these days. The immigrant Muslim population is having children at ten times that rate, Mr. Weston told the audience. Twenty percent of the British school population is white, he further said (yes, Weston is typically called a "Nazi and a racist" for pointing these facts out) and by 2050, this will make whites a minority in their own country. He also said that while the official population of Britain is sixty million, official state insurance card issued is a total of seventy-eight million, indicating an illegal population of sixteen million -- or twenty-one percent of the whole.

"Many British (whites) are emigrating and the Left doesn't care," Weston said, as well as one hundred thousand of them have converted to Islam, most surprisingly women. He then posed the question: what if British Muslims could be able to impose a monoculture on the remaining whites? Answering himself, Weston stated that forty percent of British Muslims want sharia law and there was widespread rejoicing in British city streets by Muslims on September 11th, 2001. Today there are 3-4 Islamic terrorist attacks per week in Britain and constant calls by Islamists "for the murder of British Jews and homosexuals."

To make matters worse, animosities in British society are centuries old. Long time British leftists saw this as a way to get around their inability to "create a revolution" because they knew they could not directly "storm Buckingham Palace." The labor union "leadership" in Britain has vigorously supported this mass immigration as well, even though the newcomers take jobs away from British workers. Mr. Weston also pointed out that since most of the Muslim immigrants settle mostly in England itself, Scottish and Welsh nationalists who have opposed the English for over a millennium are largely unconcerned about the problems in these other parts of Britain. 

Paul Weston then addressed solutions to the problem(s) by asking, "what can we do about it?" Prefacing his next remarks by saying he could be jailed in Britain for what he was about to say (the charge would be inciting racial unrest or being anti-Muslim), he then advocated a stop to any more mass immigration to Britain. He would deport foreign born criminals and also outlaw mosques "who preach terrorism." If these things aren't done, Weston added, "we could be in a worse situation than the breakup of Yugoslavia," a situation that happened with surprising speed. He also advocated leaving the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union itself (one has to add assuming the EU still exists at the time of the next British election).

"We didn't make all these sacrifices between 1939 and 1945 to give up now without firing a shot," Weston emphatically stated, before commenting that the lack of Brits actually practicing Christianity has greatly hurt his country. He ended his speech by saying, "I implore America to not make the same mistakes that we have made in England."

But there was more, as questions were taken from the audience.

Mr. Weston was asked about Mark Steyn's latest book "After America" which said that British Muslims from Pakistan have been marrying their first cousins at over a fifty percent rate, causing a number of genetic birth defects that overwhelm Britain's National Health Service. He also was familiar with Ann Barnhardt's article in American Thinker on the subject of Muslim first cousin marriage and inbreeding.  His reply, in part, was that in Britain, the rate of genetic disorders for Muslims was seven times greater than that of non-Muslims.

Weston also brought up the story of Channel Four, a news television station, which had filmed inside mosque services that called for the killing of Jews and homosexuals. After this was broadcast in Britain, Channel Four was charged with anti-Muslim racism.

Finally, the question of Geert Wilders came up. Mr. Weston said that Wilders is "the most important politician in Europe right now. If he gets a majority in three years (becomes the Prime Minister), it could cause a cascade (across Europe). Expanding on the related topic of his plans for the British Freedom Party, Weston said, "I won't get into power (in the next election) but I'd be glad to have the other parties steal our ideas or enact them."  Weston then stated that although his party is now small, he would want it to be noticed in the 2014 elections and become a major influence in the next round. As all across Europe, Weston stated, there are many individuals in Britain who privately agree with his political views but are now both afraid to be called "racist" or worse and would rally to someone they feel speaks for them.

You can see and hear Paul Weston speak on internet video at his party's website  and on YouTube at a 2011 Amsterdam Rally for Free Speech.