Obama campaign donations down from 2008

It probably doesn't mean much in the long run. No doubt the fact that there are no Democratic primaries and no hard fought race for the nomination as there was in 2008 contributes to a 30% drop in funds compared to the president's first campaign. Besides, there are going to be other months where he will probably raise 30% more than in 2008, so in the end, Obama will probably come close to his billion dollar goal. Boston Globe: The rate at which the Obama campaign is spending campaign funds - called its burn rate - is not as high as the field of GOP primary contenders battling for the nomination in Michigan and Arizona. But the Obama campaign is using up cash at a far greater rate than the last incumbent to seek reelection, George W. Bush in 2004, a Globe analysis of campaign finance reports shows. Moreover, the Bush campaign in 2004 set fund-raising records, even though Bush's renomination was uncontested. The Obama campaign in recent months has been downplaying fund-raising...(Read Full Post)