Mubarak's wife threatens President Obama over her husband's imprisonment

Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak, is one devoted wife. Imprisoned and on trial since he was forced to resign during Egypt's version of last year's totally misnamed "Arab Spring," the aged and very ill Mubarak is brought to court on a stretcher in a cage then whisked back to the hospital. But now authorities want to transfer Mubarak to a prison hospital where she feels her husband's condition will get worse; he might even commit suicide.

To prevent this transfer Mrs. Mubarak is turning to the one person she feels can stop it--President Barack  Obama (D). According to Israel National News she "has sent U.S. President Barack Obama a threat that if he does not prevent the transfer of her husband to a prison hospital, she will disclose the identities of U.S. agents operating in Egypt."

According to the report, Suzanne Mubarak made it clear that she is very familiar with the identities and roles of American agents who operate in Egypt, due to her closeness to the Egyptian security elite. She reportedly threatened Obama that if he does not work against the current regime's intention to transfer her husband she will reveal the information she knows.

Although a brutal dictator, Mubarak co-operated with the US, enforced the peace treaty with Israel and certainly maintained his country better than the current chaotic, bankrupt, lawless situation that now exists. Does Obama have the interest and influence to persuade the current Egyptian rulers? Will they listen to him? Or perhaps Egypt's military rulers will blackmail her, threatening to kill her husband if she doesn't reveal the American agents operating in the country; they claim the Americans working for the non government organizations they are holding are spies.