Greece: OWS on Steroids

The best way to understand a principle is to follow it to its logical conclusions. During the Cold War if you wanted to understand socialism, you only had to look at communist countries that were pure examples. Today, if you want to understand Occupy Wall Street, look at Greece. More than 80,000 leftists took to the streets in Athens. As is usual for all Occupy movements, confrontations with the police are essential. The purpose, as usual, is violent confrontation in the hopes that excessive force can be exploited for propaganda purposes. Recently events show us can how far they are willing to go in Athens. Over 40 buildings were destroyed by fire including a historic theater. This is not unusual. Last May three employees were killed when a fire, started by leftists, destroyed a bank. The destruction of businesses and private property is acceptable in socialist Greece. The attacks on police are normal. At least 106 police were injured by gasoline bombs. Injuries to police outnumber...(Read Full Post)