What motivated Obama's HHS mandate?

What were Obama's true motives in his recent healthcare mandates that so infuriated the Catholic Church and other believers?

While one could argue that a president who hides all of his college grades and test scores might not be super-bright, almost everyone would probably admit that Obama is politically astute. So why did he, in effect, pick a fight with the Catholic Church in an election year? There seem to be two possible explanations for it beyond a dedication to "reproductive rights."


One is that he really wants to weaken the charitable care functions of the not-for-profit sector, as it is a part of society that is not under the direct control of the government. Already, some private adoption agencies  are shutting down. This recent action could cause the closure of Catholic and other religious hospitals and charitable services. The logical replacement for them would be government agencies, something that Obama clearly would support. This is consistent with his desire to limit charitable contribution deductions on income taxes.

The second possibility is that, with his narcissistic personality and desire for control, Obama can stoke these feelings by appearing to grind the Catholic Church under his boot. Additionally, that could be a message of intimidation to other groups within our society, whether it's the National Rifle Association or various taxpayers' groups, that he will brook no dissent. First Amendment rights notwithstanding, everyone must fall in line with Obama's wishes. For those of us who value a free society, either of these scenarios is scary.

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