Education Reformer Parts Company with 'Right Wingers'

In a February 11 LATimes interview with education doyenne Michelle Rhee, award-winning newscaster and writer, Patt Morrison asked about vouchers for low income children. The StudentsFirst CEO talked about her interpretation of vouchers and disparaged what "right wingers" say. During her explanation to Morrison, Rhee offered a curious analogy for why "right wingers" shouldn't let the money follow the child to whichever school the parent chooses. She said, "We don't let any crazy person with a propeller run an airline, right?" Morrison: Where do you part company from Republicans on education reform?Rhee: I'll give you one example. I am a proponent of school vouchers for low-income kids who would otherwise be trapped in a failing school. Really right-wing people say, "This is great; she's a Democrat, a person of color, and she's for vouchers." Then they hear why [I'm] for vouchers, and the [requirements], and they're like, "We don't like her anymore." I believe in vouchers for...(Read Full Post)