Whitney. Enough!

Does anyone else get upset when they walk by a TV set and see Oprah celebrating another famous person as a hero for getting off drugs? We all know the story.  Celebrities discuss the horrors of drug use and how they made life hell for their family members and friends.  Many of them say they hit bottom and only then realized that they only had one life to live and wanted to make something of it. Or they had a "come to Jesus" moment that changed their lives and gave them the will and the strength to beat back the drug curse and recover.  Of course, many of them just slide back -- often just fading into the darkness.  But not before setting a terrible example. The messages being sent by these "drug-recovery" stories are very dangerous, albeit subliminal.  First message is about the cycle: Drugs are really fun and cool Then they become a problem Then everyone supports you while you get clean; and Then you are pure and respected for going through it all. Every...(Read Full Post)