Obama's sneaky end run

President Obama's administration has formally announced that it is going to ask Congress to waive a ban on providing funds for UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, because of its recognition of Palestinian statehood. U.S. law explicitly forbids American funding of international organizations that recognize Palestinian statehood in the absence of a peace treaty with Israel and UNESCO recognition clearly disqualifies it from receiving funding from the United States since there is no peace treaty in place.

The announcement didn't come from a White House press release or from Obama himself. It was made surreptitiously in a footnote to the budget Obama recently provided to Congress. It's as if Obama didn't want the American people to know that he was asking Congress to override and subvert the law, as he has done so many times in the past. Waivers and overriding and subverting the law are hallmarks of the Obama administration (ObamaCare waivers, No Child Left Behind waivers, Presidential appointments without Congressional approval, to offer a few examples) and perhaps he is seeing these hallmarks as a potential liability in the upcoming Presidential election campaign.

The announcement couldn't have been made in a more clandestine, innocuous manner and there is every reason to think that was why it was made the way it was...he was trying to sneak it past Americans because he knew it wouldn't sit right with them. Stabbing Israel in the back, ignoring UNESCO's anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic and anti-American political maneuvers and rewarding Palestinians for their refusal to seriously seek peace with Israel and their efforts to achieve statehood by nefarious means are also things that don't sit well with Americans and Obama knew that too.

The announcement reveals, yet again, Obama's antipathy to Israel and his underlying ideological attachment to Palestinians and the Islamic world, even though both severely compromise U.S. national security and the security of the free world. It also reveals a lot more than that. It reveals, yet again, his disrespect for the law, his unwillingness to be bound by it, his duplicitous nature, his willingness to keep things from the American people and his willingness to override and subvert the law when it suits his purpose.

What's next, one might well ask. And rest assured, there will be a next.

Can the American people, or anyone else for that matter, trust him?