A whale of a campaign plan

Whale-lovers everywhere must enjoy the latest promotion by Obama's re-election campaign of the "sea unicorn". Going by the project code-name "Narwhal", millions of pieces of information about US voters have been collected since 2008 and are being used as tools of manipulation in 2012. Whoever created the title for this project certainly deserves a promotion and a hefty bonus for pure creativity. An Old Norse word, "nahvalr" translates into "corpse whale". A better one-word description of the "Big Change" Chicago Candidate could hardly be imagined.Narwhal: is an Artic whale that has a spotted-pelt and is characterized in the male by a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the LEFT side of its head. Webster defines "Narwhal" as a corpse due to the animal's pale color. It is a cetaceous mammal of northern seas, with no teeth except two canines in the upper jaw, of which one is frequently developed into a long projecting trunk; a sea unicorn." It has a black-spotted whitish...(Read Full Post)