Meet your health care overlords

They are called the United States Preventative Services Task Force. And once Obamacare gets rolling, they will be the sole decider in what tests get full coverage with no co-pay under Obamacare and which tests go unfunded by your insurance carrier.

The Wall Street Journal:

Under ObamaCare, a single committee-the United States Preventative Services Task Force-is empowered to evaluate preventive health services and decide which will be covered by health-insurance plans.

The task force already rates services with letter grades of "A" through "D" (or "I," if it has "insufficient evidence" to make a rating). But under ObamaCare, services rated "A" or "B"-such as colon cancer screening for adults aged 50-75-must be covered by health plans in full, without any co-pays. Many services that get "Cs" and "Ds"-such as screening for ovarian or testicular cancer-could get nixed from coverage entirely.

That's because mandating coverage for all the "A" and "B" services will be very costly. In 2000, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the marginal cost of similar state insurance mandates was 5%-10% of total claims. Other estimates put the cost of mandates as high as 20% of premiums.

Health plans will inevitably choose to drop coverage for many services that don't get a passing grade from the task force and therefore aren't mandated. Insurance companies will need to conserve their premium money, which the government regulates, in order to spend it subsidizing those services that the task force requires them to cover in full.

Without Obamacare, your insurance provider would offer you a range of coverages, some procedures with co-pay, some fully covered, and some not covered at all. The key is that you, the consumer, would decide what coverages you wanted.

That is the insidious nature of Obamacare. It robs the consumer of choice. If there is another definition for loss of freedom I don't know what it is.