RINOs: Handmaids in the Destruction of America

For years I have asked myself: how is it that the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) -- the "elite," big-government statists -- control the Republican Party?  In the 1992 election, George H.W. Bush,  Reagan's successor , blew away any prayer of his re-election by reneging on his now-infamous promise, "read my lips: no new taxes."  But he was a  kinder, gentler conservative -- in other words, a RINO.  And the country got Bill Clinton. In 1996, the Republican RINO elite anointed the colorless Robert Dole to be the party standard-bearer.  Dole was a dull speaker who had the awkward rhetorical style of talking about himself in the third person.  And the country got Bill Clinton, again. The year 2000 was when RINOs threw their conservative Republican base a curveball in the person of George W. Bush.  Although a big-government statist, as are all RINOs, Bush managed to sell himself as a conservative and got the nomination.  But , thank God , the...(Read Full Post)