Iowa Voted For Viable


The Iowa caucus may not create kings but it does seem to winnow out the unelectable.  In the case of Newt Gingrich, Iowa voters winnowed out the sorriest of sore losers in recent memory. The Iowa campaign also 'outed' the worst the GOP has to offer; a reckless know-it-all, big-fat-bloated-government "manager" who discredits conservatism by claiming its banner.

Gingrich showed zero grace under fire from a barrage of "negative attack ads;" ("Negative," as used in the current political lexicon, meaning "the truth.") Gingrich took the unprincipled "victim" stance of John Kerry instead of honestly responding to his critics.  Newt portrayed himself as the victim of false advertising and even called Romney a liar.  A bumbling Gingrich whined that Romney should have called on his super pac and have them stop running "negative" ads. Someone as supposedly smart as Gingrich claims to be must know that Romney would be in violation of federal election laws if he was to be found to be coordinating with his super pac.  Sorry Newt, freedom of speech rules, (baby,) and it is well past time you put on your plastic big boy pants.

Gingrich, sounding more like a Democrat each day, even suggested that he was "Romney Boated" as opposed to being "swift boated."  In defeat the clueless Gingrich gave credence to the "Kerry was swift boated" lie.  This response shows how intellectually unprincipled Newt is.  The reason The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were successful is because they were telling the truth about Kerry.  After all, nobody has picked T Boone's pocket for the cool million dollar bet about the Swift Boat Vet's veracity. 

Newt not only played the Democrat whiny "swift boat" victim card he is now playing the Democrat whiny class warfare card. "I'm not rich," Newt snipped to a reporter in New Hampshire. Poor Newt.

In Iowa Gingrich ducked valid criticism of him in a dishonest slight-of-hand way.  When "negatively attacked" about sitting down with Nancy Pelosi to hash out how America should "manage" the global warming hoax with his big government "solutions," Newt's ham handed response was that sitting next to Pelosi was the mistake.  No Newt, helping to foist a UN inspired socialist power grab on America's energy usage based on a hoax was your mistake.  An unrepentant Newt claimed higher wisdom than the good people of Iowa on his belief in the global warming hoax.  Newt is now in the process of covering up his global warming Kool Aid credentials by cutting out an entire chapter of his latest book. (Personally, I'll be skipping all chapters.)

Ahhh, it's always the cover up...can't hide your decline now Newt.

The Iowa campaign displayed Newt's unsavory past. And in defeat Newt has shown himself to have an equally unseemly present.  Iowa also shows that electability matters not only to the GOP establishment in this election but also to Tea Party patriots, common sense conservatives, moderate Republicans, and every other normal American who would like to show the Obama regime the door. 

Even the greasy David Axelrod, (who would somehow look less sneaky in a ski mask,) could truthfully dismantle the deeply flawed Gingrich in the general election.  Fortunately for the GOP, Iowa voters shot Axelrod's pole climbing big government monkey in the butt. The only upside to Gingrich staying in the race at this point is to give the GOP practice in campaigning against a whiny and ruthless narcissist who blames others for his own failings. In the end Iowa voted for viability and Newt did not make the cut.  It's is now up to New Hampshire to kick this unhinged loose cannon to the curb.