Guilty verdict in Muslim honor killings

They are not celebrating diversity quite as much in Canada these days. UPI reports: An Afghan immigrant to Canada, his second wife and his son were convicted Sunday of the honor killings of his first wife and three daughters. Mohammad Shafia, 59, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 42, and Hamed Shafia were immediately given the mandatory life sentence with a minimum of 25 years without parole (snip) ...witnesses said family had frequent arguments after they moved to Montreal in 2007. Shafia and his second wife and son objected to the other women's preference for Western clothing, music and boyfriends. Canada, The United States, and other western countries that welcome immigrants from the Muslim world have for too long embraced the notion of diversity uber alles: as if there were no set of values which must be respected by those who choose to enter their societies as immigrants. While it is reassuring that brutal murders are not celebrated as part of the "gorgeous mosaic," the very doctrine that...(Read Full Post)