David Limbaugh: 'I'd Vote for Santorum'


"It's no mystery. I'd vote for Rick Santorum," David Limbaugh tweeted to his brother Rush Limbaugh on Friday. The night before, during the Republican debate, an audience member asked the GOP candidates, "...how would your religious beliefs, if you're elected, impact the decisions that you make in the office of the presidency?" Santorum answered:

"Faith is a very, very important part of my life, but it's a very, very important part of this country... the Constitution is the "how" of America. It's the operator's manual.

 The "why" of America, who we are as a people, is in the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights."

 The Constitution is there to do one thing: protect God-given rights. That's what makes America different than every other country in the world. No other country in the world has its rights -- rights based in God-given rights, not government-given rights...

 ...if our president believes that rights come to us from the state, everything government gives you, it can take away. The role of the government is to protect rights that cannot be taken away."

 Santorum's answer essentially sums up the heart and soul of the conservative uprising of the past three years -- the American concept of rights, rights given by God, not arbitrarily or abusively decreed from Capitol Hill or the White House. Santorum clearly understands this fundamental difference between the conservative and liberal worldview and he has a long record to prove that he has put his beliefs into action. Trying to defeat Obama with "conservatives" who have supported government healthcare, abortion, and belief in man-made global warming is a non-strategy.  We have to give this election the best we can offer and, of our candidates, that is Rick Santorum.