(Dis)honorable slaughter in their native lands

While those of us in North America--and maybe even Europe--are finally beginning to acknowledge --and even condemn--the multi culti horror of (dis)honorable killings of Muslims who bring their cultural baggage/trash with them as they emigrate, the true extent of this murderous practice in their native lands is like a glacier--much of these ingrained attitudes and actions are unacknowledged and therefore unknown. But slowly some knowledge is emerging. The BBC recently reported on a true mother in law/grandmother from hell--a woman who killed her daughter in law for producing a third granddaughter when the mother gave birth to a third girl two months ago. The husband and mother-in-law strangled her for giving birth to a third daughter". Senior officials told the BBC that the mother-in-law, known as Wali Hazrata, tied the feet of the 22-year old woman, who was known as Stori, while Stori's husband strangled her. He is thought to be a fighter with an illegal armed militia which is is...(Read Full Post)