President Obama wants his toy plane back

Oh my, Iran certainly is enjoying its triumph of somehow capturing a secret US drone and subsequent US attempts to regain it. The government sponsored Fars News Agency crowed

TEHRAN (FNA)- US President Obama is hoping that the Iranian government is in a Christmas mood because he has asked Tehran to send him his Christmas present back.

We are still wondering how he shamelessly asked Tehran to give the US back the stealth drone which had violated the Iranian airspace for espionage.

Since Obama asked please and has tried to make nice to Iran what are the chances he (the US) will get his (the US') toy plane back?

A senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said on Sunday that Iran would not send the drone back.

"This is not only an intelligence victory for us, but a defeat for our enemies," the commander said.

Speaking on Venezuelan television Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bragged Iran had control of the plane and was analysing the aircraft's systems.

"The North Americans at best have decided to give us this spy plane. Currently, we have control of this plane. Those who have been been in control of this spy plane surely will analyse the plane's system. Furthermore, the systems of Iran are so advanced also, like the system of this plane.

"In the unpiloted planes, we have had many advances, much progress and now we have this spy plane," he said.

Even more worrisome, good Iranian friends China and Russia will now have access to this spy plane also.

Hopefully there is a lot of behind the scenes diplomacy at work but most of the damage has been done.