Another success for OWS: 90 workers lose jobs due to protests

A restaurant near Zucotti Park where the OWS protestors camped out for two months is shutting its doors due to the barricades police used to control the demonstrators.

New York Daily News:

Milk Street Cafe, the restaurant whose business dried up in the face of the Occupy Wall Street barricades, is shutting down.

Thursday will be the last day for the 23,000 square-foot eatery that opened at 40 Wall St. in June, the Daily News has learned.

"It's terribly sad," Milk Street Cafe owner Marc Epstein told the News.

Epstein blamed the barricades that remained in front of his restaurant even after the Occupy Wall Street protestors were removed from Zuccotti Park.

"This is now the 12th straight week of the barricades," he said.

The restaurant owner, who operates an eatery and catering business in Boston, said he pressed the city daily for their removal, but got nowhere.

Milk Street Cafe's closure will result in the layoff of 70 workers. That's on top of the 21 let go in October.

In recent days, Epstein tried to find resources to remain open, but in the end he couldn't come up with the cash to keep the vast restaurant running.

You just don't understand. Sacrifices have to be made in this war against the rich - just as long as its no one connected with OWS who is doing the sacrificing. I'm sure the protestors feel for those 90 people who are now unemployed and with few prospects to find work soon. But everyone knows that in every revolution, a little blood has to be spilled.

So onward, comrades. And remember: The OWS demonstrators will be right behind you - a good distance behind you - unless, of course, it's dangerous or they might have to do something inconvenient or that would require actual work.