Hooray for the Brits!

Well, they've done it. Prime Minister David Cameron has defied the EU-reaucrats of the EU-SSR by blocking yet another "rescue package" to pay off Spain and Greece with British taxpayer earnings.  The euro is going into a tailspin, and chances are the European Union will split into three pieces eventually.  Northern Europe has been subsidizing southern Europe, and now the ship is capsizing.  The Brits are trying to limit the damage to their economy.

The left is aghast. All over the world they're seeing another dream collapsing. (Again).

So the European Union is now in the biggest uproar since they hung an  effigy of George W. Bush from the nearest tree.  That loud roar you hear isn't David Axelrod calling Newt Gingrich the rear end of a monkey.  No, it's the eurozone collapsing.  It's a decrepit Marxist fantasy blowing up again, the same kind that killed 100 million people in the 20th century.

That would be the same Marxism that brought you Barack Hussein Obama, Savior of the Earth, complete with a Nobel Peace Prize from the Norwegians.

Outrage in Europe. How could PM Cameron do this? Doesn't he know Brussels is entitled to all taxpayer money?

The New York Times is resorting to name calling, as it does any time reality strikes. Roger Cohen, mudslinger extraordinaire, has called EU critics 'a bunch of insular snobs who seem to have a hard time restraining their inner fascist'.

Yes, it's argumentum ad Hitlerum at the NYT!

It's nice to see the Gray Lady resorting to gutter talk.  It shows her customary class.

But when it comes to name-calling, Europe has always been tops. Daniel Hannan reports from the Faux-Parliament in Strasbourg -- a "parliament" that has no legislative powers whatsoever -- that the "members" are threat-growling and tearing branches off the trees, like a mob of bachelor chimps.

 "Eurocrats no longer trouble to disguise their loathing for Britain," writes Hannan.

"I wish I could adequately convey the intensity of the anti-British feeling in the European Parliament. In today's debate on last week's Brussels summit, speaker after speaker rose to denounce our entire nation as selfish, narrow-minded and arrogant. ...

"Some spoke vaguely but menacingly of retribution, of making us feel the consequences of our isolation. Others were more specific. ...  You needed to be present, to hear the yowling and shrieking and desk-banging that accompanied every Anglophobic utterance. ..."

The Euroleft is Obamanesque. They don't leave it at muttered threats. This is  Chicagoland in Brussels.

Hannan predicts nasty retaliation from Eurothugs.

 ".. the EU will now wilfully and deliberately set out to maim the City." (The financial center of London).

" This was, of course, going to happen anyway. ... (the EU) simply removed any pretence that the damage to our financial services would be incidental or unintended. Now we know that it will be malicious."

Nobody knows if Cameron will get away with it, any more than we knew whether Ronald Reagan would succeed with his "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!" speech.

What we know is that sanity has suddenly returned to No. 10 Downing Street, after many years of global warming twaddle, Euroglorification, and surrendering London's parliamentary powers to the unelected and grossly irresponsible elites of the European continent.

The left is fantasy-driven, and when the bubble pops they need a scapegoat. Today it's Britain. Tomorrow it will be Newt or Mitt. Or Sarah Palin or Herman Cain. That's how mobs behave.

This is big. It's like the day Ronald Reagan gave his "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall!" speech in Berlin.

And the walls came tumbling' down.

Better take cover. This will be a replay of the Fall of the Soviet Union, the biggest bubble explosion in human history.