President Obama Unfairly Defines 'Fairness'

President Obama showed his true colors while giving his lecture last week in Osawatomie, Kansas to an audience which included high school kids, at a high school.  In the future, if Obama wishes to be taken seriously, he may best serve himself by limiting his speaking engagements to that of only high school age kids or younger, as even the Washington Post  is calling him out on some of the un-truths in his speech.  Fortunately, most of those kids will be unable to vote in the next election. The President wasted no time launching into his class-warfare rhetoric and tossed around the word "fairness" the same way a five-year-old in a toy store would after learning from his mother that they were only there to buy a gift for some other child.  What child in his or her right mind would be against the idea of fairness for all?  The problem is that Obama only appealed to their emotions and failed to define his version of "fairness" in a way that the kids in the...(Read Full Post)