AP Report on Heating Costs Forgets Global Warming

In what is a perennial MSM complaint story this time of year, the AP reports:

"Mary Power is 92 and worried about surviving another frigid New England winter because deep cuts in federal home heating assistance benefits mean she probably can't afford enough heating oil to stay warm.

But wait a minute?  Shouldn't "global warming" be mitigating such suffering.  Aren't we expecting increasingly mild winters?  How could we be getting a story of "another frigid winter" in 2011 when Al Gore has been telling us literally for 30 years to fear global warming? Shouldn't this report read "one of the last frigid New England winters expected according to the UN IPCC".

The AP report goes on to say:

"Thousands of poor people across the Northeast are bracing for a difficult winter with substantially less home heating aid coming from the federal government."

But wait a minute? Shouldn't rising costs for fuel oil be entirely expected given the Obama administration's energy policies driven by the Global Warming alarmist agenda?  Cutting subsidies for fossil fuels consumption is entirely consistent with Obama's embargo on drilling and the Keystone Canadian oil-pipeline.  Shouldn't the AP report say "As intended, Obama Energy Policy substantially increases costs of home heating with fossil fuels."?

I don't get it.  The MSM is quick to cite Global Warming dogma at any opportunity EXCEPT when it actually is relevant to explaining the story.