Shouldn't We Need Fewer Police Officers Mr. Biden?

By now we've all heard the latest gaffe from our Vice President (he's in need of an oral podiatrist) who claimed that a failure to pass the President's "jobs bill" would result in increased numbers of murder and rape (it didn't pass so lock your doors and windows) in this country.  Aside from the absurdity of his statement, it's no surprise that others are starting to question his facts and are starting to "screw around" with him. Why isn't anyone asking the question -- why is it that we still have a need for all of these police officers?  After all, over many decades the Democrats (with the help of big government Republicans) have created various social programs and spent trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars that we were told, if spent, would create utopia and eradicate every last one of these problems?  The enormous spending on the war on poverty as well as education was supposed to get to the very roots of most of the crime problems and prevent their very...(Read Full Post)