US Kicked Out Of Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki gives Obama the boot as White House spin meisters gin up face-saving rhetoric for Obama to recite. Obama then peddles their pablum about achieving "normalcy" in relations with Iraq, "The Untied States and Iraq will have a normal relationship between sovereign nations, an equal partnership based on mutual interests and mutual respect."

John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, jumps in with more of the same snake oil about two great nations resuming diplomatic ties. According  to Kerry, the US is "fulfilling our agreement with an Iraqi government that wants to shape its own future" and creating a new partnership that "shifts from a clear military focus to a new relationship that is more expansive, hinging on increased diplomatic, economic and cultural relations."

The fact is that the US plan was to keep ~20k troops  Iraq to support and train Iraqi forces and counter Iranian influence. But Maliki and his Shia crypto-sponsor Ahmadinejad forced the US hand by refusing to grant US troops immunity from Iraqi law. Check the video of the Obama announcement. Does he look like he is announcing a victory for the foreign policy of his administration or a jilted courtier?