NY Times humanizes terrorist killer released by Israel

In its Oct. 28 edition, the New York Times runs an article by correspondent Stephen Farrell about recently freed Palestinian prisoners basking in the lap of luxurious surroundings in Gaza -- without, however, specifying the terrorist atrocities for which they were convicted and sentenced to long terms in Israeli jails ("Making the Uneasy Transition From Prisoner to Celebrity" page A7). As the celebrity poster for these former prisoners exiled to Gaza, Farrell focuses on Mohammed Musa Taqatqa, whom he interviews in a five-star hotel, which has become his news home, and at a welcome ceremony at the Islamic University of Gaza. "Freshly barbered and wearing a shirt so new its creases still showed," Taqatqa accepts a "garland of white flowers" as he contemplates his new life, having to deal not only with his new-won freedom, but also with "unfamiliar trappings of cell phones and laptop computer," Farrell writes. While delving in great detail into Taqatqa's transition from an Israeli prison...(Read Full Post)