If you cannot measure it, it's baloney

Nancy Pelosi is back on the stump, once again claiming that the 2009 stimulus package "saved" jobs.  Evidently she and the other progressives have finally backed away from their fable that jobs were actually created.  She specifically stated that unemployment would have hit 14.5% without the $787 billion legislation.  Give it time, Nance.  We've already exceeded that figure if you count the demoralized job seekers who have given up looking.  But, one need only look around at the suffering to know there has been no appreciable benefit from what I personally believe was a Democrat slush fund.  It's par for the course that Pelosi cites no freestanding studies nor compelling measurements to back this up.  Rick Moran was kind enough to provide solid evidence to the contrary, in a December 2010 blog entry. The problem I have is not so much this one crack from the most economically unsavvy person ever to occupy the office of Speaker of the House.  I've...(Read Full Post)