'Occupy Wall Street has an anti-Semitism problem'

While the lefties searched in vain for bigotry and prejudice in the Tea Party so were forced to invent it, ie, lie about its existence, they seem blissfully unaware, content even,--or maybe agree with--the blatant prejudice of the Illegally Occupying White Useful Idiots Mob, otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS). 

As Abe Greenwald of Commentary Contentions bluntly states


Occupy Wall Street Has an Anti-Semitism Problem


A quick sampling of the anti-Semitism on display among the Occupy Wall Street set yields the flamboyant and aggressive protester who yells,"You're a bum, Jew" at his yarmulke-wearing interlocutor; the conspiracy theorist  who laments that "Jewish money controls American politics," and warns the Russians not to let the Jews take over Russia too; and  the self-described Nazi with the swastika tattoo who regrets that America has been handed over to "other people." Ah, people power.

The Jew-hatred among protesters and sympathizers is diverse and unapologetic. It is, in fact, atmospheric. Tune in randomly to live television coverage of the spectacle and you'll see--as I did--placards scapegoating Israel, Zionism, or "Hitler's bankers."  Check out the continuous flurry of protest-supporting tweets and blog posts, and you'll get more of the same.

No surprise here, this is oh so standard for the left.  "Oh," some occupiers might weakly retort, "we're not prejudiced; after all, some of the loudest anti Jewish, anti Israel protesters are Jews themselves."  Yep, a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with the oppressor.  And it is still bigotry. 

And the bigotry is built into the  class warfare--"the millionaires and billionaires who don't pay their fair share of taxes"--that an increasingly desperate president spotlights to dim attention from his incompetence. 

Outside of immigrant-rich America, class warfare is often synonymous with ethnic prejudice itself. The Jews or the Gypsies or the Southeast Asians simply constitute the class to be held accountable. Class warfare is the pointed finger as economic philosophy. It eats away at the national project, lays waste to the self-reliant citizen, and disguises prejudice as justice. Liberal pundits and leftist intellectuals are at pains to impose upon the protesters a thoughtfulness that just doesn't exist. In the New York Times, Todd Gitlin wrote, "This new protest style is more Rousseau than Marx." But in truth there is no new protest style. What we're witnessing is dumb, ugly, dangerous, and very old. And we will see a lot more anti-Semitism as this toxic swarm grows.

But the deeply prejudiced lefties still think the "other" is bigoted and that they are an example of moral purity.  But as proven again and again the OWS supporters and participants are the real bigots.