'Occupy Wall Street has an anti-Semitism problem'

While the lefties searched in vain for bigotry and prejudice in the Tea Party so were forced to invent it, ie, lie about its existence, they seem blissfully unaware, content even,--or maybe agree with--the blatant prejudice of the Illegally Occupying White Useful Idiots Mob, otherwise known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  As Abe Greenwald of Commentary Contentions bluntly states   Occupy Wall Street Has an Anti-Semitism Problem   A quick sampling of the anti-Semitism on display among the Occupy Wall Street set yields the flamboyant and aggressive protester who yells,"You're a bum, Jew" at his yarmulke-wearing interlocutor; the conspiracy theorist  who laments that "Jewish money controls American politics," and warns the Russians not to let the Jews take over Russia too; and  the self-described Nazi with the swastika tattoo who regrets that America has been handed over to "other people." Ah, people power. The Jew-hatred among protesters and...(Read Full Post)