Islamists Kill 13 Filipino Soldiers

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front recently killed 13 Filipino soldiers in the Philippine province of Basilan. The Filipino "troops were operating based on information on the presence of an armed group, possibly with kidnap victims," said Lt. Col. Randolph Cabangbang. The soldiers were killed during an agreed upon ceasefire by both sides of the conflict, this being a part of the peace-talks currently underway. Islamist groups in the Philippines have forced atrocity upon atrocity on the Filipino people. This massacre is just the latest example. Unfortunately, instead of acting with all its military capability to destroy the Islamic menace, the Philippine government continues to talk peace and accommodate the various Islamist groups killing soliders and civilians. The Philippines is an explicit ally of the United States against terrorism, and U.S personnel based in Mindanao are currently helping train Philippine troops. This help, along with the Philippines' clear military superiority...(Read Full Post)