OSW demonstrators clueless about taxes and government economic policy

This probably reflects a general ignorance by Americans about tax rates, and how the economy and government function. But still, these demonstrators claim to represent the 99%. You'd think they would at least get their facts right.

New York Magazine asked 50 OWS demonstrators a series of questions and their responses are quite revealing.

1. What is the Dodd-Frank Act?

84% of protestors answered that they didn't know what the most significant financial regulation legislation since the 1930's was all about.Only 10% got it right.

2. Does Obama control the Federal Reserve?

74% got this one right.

3. Who is the chairman of the Fed?

38% got this one right. But fully 20% answered "some white guy," "some idiot," or "He's Jewish."

6. What is the SEC?

68% didn't know.

7. What is the top marginal tax rate for the richest 1%?

32% answered between 10-25%. 30% answered between 0-10%. Only 10% got it roughly right (35%)

9. What does government spend more on - health care, pensions, and education or the military?

94% said the military despite the fact that we spend more than twice as much on health care, pensions, and education than we do the military.

The answers are interesting because they reflect the indocrtination these bozos have been subjected to. The rich don't pay taxes, government spends all our money on the military, and corporations are virtually unregulated. They are "occupying" Wall Street based on misinformation, or misinterpretation of the facts fed them by the media, academics, and filtering news through their own bias.

Crack a book once and a while, guys. Start with "The Road to Serfdom" and don't stop until you read "Free to Choose." Then maybe we can have an intelligent debate about the economy and those who do the producing.