Educating Charles Krauthammer on the Copts and Egyptian Islam

Educating Charles Krauthammer, Part 3 (see parts 1 and 2, here and here) Tuesday evening (10/11/11) on Fox News's Special Report "panel", the resident journalistic eminence grise, Charles Krauthammer, attributed the murderous Muslim depredations against the Copts this past weekend to, "...the rise of Islamism throughout the region." What would the great and wise Krauthammer say about the following: Were the historical descriptions by historians Perlmann* in 1942, and Little** in 1976, (citing contemporary 14th century Muslim tracts, and chronicles) the  "machinations" of "Islamists," or the effects of mainstream Islam upon its Egyptian Muslim votaries, resulting in the inexorable attrition of the Coptic population by the mid 14th century-the indigenous, pre-Islamic majority reduced to a permanent, vulnerable minority by the usual pattern of Islamization-massacre, destruction and pillage of religious sites, forced or coerced conversion, and expropriation, etc..? (*M. Perlmann....(Read Full Post)