Obama 'heartbroken' over delayed NBA season.

President Obama is "heartbroken" over delayed NBA season.

Really? With all the myriad problems the nation faces - many of them being the result of his and his administration's policies - Obama expresses sorrow the NBA season is delayed?

This is just political tone-deafness again. America may or may not be aware that Obama's priorities seem to be misplaced. He has spent numerous hours on his sports obsessions, whether it is bracketology over the NCAA pairings, pick-up basketball games with NBA superstars that he sponsors in some sort of fantasy basketball playtime, meeting with sport stars-while letting others in congress do the heavy lifting of drafting legislation and navigating the legislation through Congress. His view of the Presidency is warped: it is not an office to be used for pleasure and perks.

Has he ever used the term "heartbroken" to describe the deaths of Americans killed by radical Islamic terrorists? Has he ever used the term "heartbroken" to characterize the millions of people unemployed?

This President has a woeful sense of priorities.