Wash. Post takes leave from reality on settlements

Joel Greenberg, the Washington Post's Jerusalem bureau chief, has been on the  beat long enough to have learned basic on-the-ground facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without staining  his  coverage with Palestinian falsehoods.   But apparently not.  The latest example:  In the Post's Sept. 20 edition, he writes the following:  "The Palestinians have refused to resume talks without a freeze on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which they say is swallowing up land they seek for a future state." Greenberg should know by now that Benjamin Netanyahu, and before him Ehud Olmert, imposed a freeze on the boundaries of West Bank settlements.  During their tenure as prime ministers, the number of settlements has been frozen, the boundaries of settlements have been frozen, and acquisition of land for new settlements or expansion of existing settlements has been prohibited.  There is no "swallowing up...(Read Full Post)