Targeting Perry (updated)

For what it is worth, if Rick Perry does not lift his game, he will be toast in a general election (if he is nominated). He has lots of vulnerabilities, and unlike Romney he can get tongue-tied dealing with them. Perry is still the favorite to be nominated; he projects strength and toughness and being a straight shooter. But he appears a bit dull, to be perfectly honest.  Not impressive. People will tire of his Texas miracle as they did mike Dukakis' Massachusetts miracle. Perry seems to get tired in the debates.  Romney is far more adept at this, and has gotten better since 2008. Cain and Gingrich are only ones refusing to trash Perry in the debates.  Maybe  they think he will win and there is Secretary of State for gingrich, and a Georgia Senate run for Cain (though I doubt this one). But the others will badly damage Perry if he is the eventual nominee. Bachmann is going nuclear with her charge that Gardasil causes mental retardation. A doctor she is not, and the...(Read Full Post)