Sanctuary and Its Relevance to Illegal Immigration

For those familiar with my work, you have doubtless observed an absence of postings by yours truly for a while now.  Or perhaps I am flattering myself to think that anyone has even noticed.  Either way, I have not been idle.  One piece of major research I have been working on for the past six months just came out this week at Accuracy in Media: "CASA de Maryland: the Illegals' ACORN." The report traces the creation of this subversive group from its beginnings during the mid-1980s.  While it focuses on an ostensibly local group, the report highlights important aspects of the left's overall strategy regarding illegal immigration. I urge you to read it.  Unfortunately, much of the report's original 22,000 words were edited out due to space constraints.  I will share portions of that with you now. CASA de Maryland developed in response to a flood of illegals from Central America coming here in the 1980s.  Most were fleeing the civil war in El...(Read Full Post)