Selectively Smearing Sarah

Daily Mail Online reports:

Sarah Palin could be set to lose both her marriage and her political career after the release of the explosive biography on the Tea Party darling. ...

In The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, the 47-year-old is accused of having a night of passion with a basketball star, snorting cocaine and having an affair with her husband's business partner - all allegations which are thought to have shattered Palin's White House dream.

Granted, reasonable people would probably take this with a grain of salt.  Daily Mail is collecting this information from tabloid gossip mag National Enquirer, and the rest of the information is provided by an ambitious writer that moved in next door to the Palins with the implicit intention of finishing the progressive quest to destroy Sarah Palin that began in 2008.  Evidence or no, he was going to produce something shocking that would bury Palin for good.  

And true or not, these allegations may indeed end Palin's political career.  The left will revel in them and use them to smear her image to resemble that of a disgraced harlot.

But this presents a leftist hypocrisy that is truly delicious.  Bill Clinton has admittedly done drugs, committed infidelity, and portrayed loose sexual morals as president of the United States, sullying the honor of the highest office in the land.  And yet the progressive left in America still loves him and holds him in the highest esteem.  Now, the progressive left is trying to destroy Sarah Palin's legacy because she allegedly did drugs, allegedly committed infidelity, and allegedly portrayed loose sexual morals by having a one-night stand with a basketball player when she was a young woman.  And for these alleged moral crimes, she will be crucified.

Apparently, what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander.  

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