NY Times, Wash. Post suffer from Gaza-Hamas amnesia

It's been a while since Hamas-ruled Gaza has made an appearance in the "news" pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post.  Both papers, along with most other Western media, have been so intent on cheering Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's request for UN statehood recognition that they somehow overlooked Hamas' opposition to his purported agenda for a two-state solution.  Hamas wants a single state that swallows up all of Israel.  And it makes no bones about it. So, you might think that, when it comes to giving international approval to a Palestinian state, Hamas' refusal to live side by side with Israel might command some attention.  But you would be wrong.  The media are so totally invested in pursuing the myth of Palestinian readiness for statehood that illusion trumps hard reality  Why let facts spoil the party? Take, for example, the Sept. 26 edition of the New York Times, which features an article by Jerusalem bureau chief...(Read Full Post)