GOP pushback on Dem vote fraud

Those dastardly, anti-fair elections, civil rights-trampling Republicans are up to no good in states around the nation.  Leastwise, in states that the GOP controls, thanks to electoral gains in 2010.  Republicans are reforming -- err, re-writing -- state election laws, according to a report in the Washington Post, in ways that hurt Democrats.  Ouch!     Want to know what nasty, underhanded, heap-hurt-on-Democrats GOP legislators are doing to state election laws?  This from the Washington Post's reportage:    They have curbed early voting, rolled back voting rights for ex-felons and passed stricter voter ID laws. Taken together, the measures could have a significant and negative effect on President Obama's reelection efforts if they keep young people and minorities away from the polls. It all makes sense now.  These meanie Republicans are engaging in a vast conspiracy to keep minorities and America's callow...(Read Full Post)