Performing my Duty. Snitch I must

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, one learns early on that being a snitch can be hazardous to one's health but my President has asked and I have decided to forgo my own personal safety and expose those who are doing harm to my President and my Country.

First and by far most damaging must be Valerie Jarrett.  Ms. Jarrett is so close to the President that no one really knows exactly what she tells him; however, since his approval ratings have gone down consistently from his very first day in office, it only makes sense that everything she is telling the President must be wrong. Mr. President, Valerie must go!

Second, in my humble opinion, Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, may very well be a subversive plant within your administration.  The regulations that Ms. Jackson has put in place so far have cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of jobs. Her proposed regulations going forward could drive the number of jobs lost well into the millions. Ms. Jackson should be watched closely.  Perhaps hiring a new Czar, who keeps a friendly eye on your cabinet members and advisors might be in order.

Mr. President, I know you're a pretty busy fellow with a full schedule of speeches and golf so you may not have heard about the $38.6 Billion in green loan guarantees that Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Jonathan Silver, executive director of the Energy Department's loan office have been giving out and/or approving.  You need to be told that over the past two and half years they have created only about 3,545 jobs.  Well Mr. President, that comes to about $10,888,575 per job. That's Ten Million Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Five Dollars.  Our friends in the main stream media will only be able to keep a lid on this for so long.  While creating 3,545 jobs in only two years is quite noble, the public may not fully appreciate the cost per job.  This is more of a gray area since they did after all create several jobs, so I would suggest decreasing Mssrs. Chu and Silver's salary and give them a very serious talking to.

Well, that's all I have for you today Mr. President, but rest assured, I'm looking out for you and will get back to you as I see things that could be damaging to your Presidency or the country.

Your loyal snitch,

Lawrence Wolfe