At NY Times, a headline writer eager to smear Israel

On Sept. 7, Stewart D. Nosette, a former senior government scientist with highest security clearances, pleaded guilty to espionage and accepted a 13-year prison term for trying to sell top-secret information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli spy. At the sentencing, the Justice Department emphasized that Nosette was not charged with spying for Israel -- in its probe, the FBI found that Nosette also showed an intent to sell classified information to another country, which so far has not been named.  In his meetings with the FBI impersonator of an Israeli agent, Nosette asked for $2 million and an Israeli passport.  His motive for offering to spy thus was clearly due to greed -- not to any personal political or ideological agenda. As a result, the Justice Department emphasized that the government did not allege that "Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed any offense."   Nosette was simply looking for a way to cash in his access to top-secret...(Read Full Post)