Breaking: Feds raid Solyndra

Acting at the request of the Inspector General at the Department of Energy,FBI agents executed a search warrant at Solyndra, according to NBC Bay Area.

The investigation comes after a request by the Department of Energy's inspector general, FBI spokesman Peter Lee told NBC Bay Area News.

Agents arrived at Solyndra at 7a.m. and were examining the factory. Solynrda has a skeleton crew of 100 workers on the scene, who are closing the factory down.

Lisa Fernandez at the San Jose Mercury-News:

Solyndra spokesman Dave Miller said the search came as a surprise, but he emphasized the company is "fully cooperating" with federal officials. He said he did not know the purpose of the search, but he speculated it could have something to do with the $535 million in loan guarantees the Department of Energy awarded to Solyndra.

There are indications that the agents are in the process of interviewing Solyndra employees.

Coming in the wake of revelation that Solydra executives had as many as 20 White House meetings prior to the questionable loan guarantee, the raid raises questions. Will the Justice Department stonewall Congressional investigators' subpoenas, on the basis of an active investingation?