Why is MLK Memorial Made in China?

Sometimes you read about a fact so outside your Weltanschauung  (world view), that you just shake your head at the silliness of the fellow inmates with whom we happen to share the same planet.  On August 28, 2011 the Martin Luther King Memorial will be dedicated in Washington D.C.  But today, I was surprised to find out that a noted Chinese communist artist, Master Lei Yixin, sculpted the 30-foot tall Memorial.  And even more unbelievably, the 159 pieces of red granite used in the Memorial were quarried and sculpted in China and then shipped to Washington D. C. for the final detailing.   From Lei Yixin Facebook page we read:  He first found work in a publishing company as a draughtsman but was spotted by a local government official, who asked and encouraged him to build monuments. Lei won top prizes in national competitions three consecutive years, and was recognised as a master sculptor, which came with a lifetime stipend from the Chinese...(Read Full Post)