Obama's Parallel Universe

It's all finally starting to sense, we're not all crazy.  Our President obviously comes from a parallel universe and somehow worked his way to us through one of those wormholes we hear about in sci-fi flicks.  The only problem is that it is now apparent that it's not a universe like ours, but rather an anti-universe.   Paul Krugman (obviously one of the "sleepers" along with many others such as Carville) let the cat out of the bag on this one by calling for an alien attack in order to "stimulate" the economy.  I hope "they" didn't get the message!

Merriam-Webster  defines antiparticle as :

a subatomic particle identical to another subatomic particle in mass but opposite to it in electric and magnetic properties (as sign of charge) that when brought together with its counterpart produces mutual annihilation; especially : a subatomic particle not found in ordinary matter.    

In theory an anti-universe is made entirely of these anti-particles or anti-matter.  It's one thing to play with these particles in the laboratory or to have our "elites" carelessly tossing these things around within the well insulated walls of their ivory towers, but attempting to bring them out into our world is a recipe for disaster.

Here are just a few examples: Their world: stimulus spending grows the economy.  Our world:  stimulus spending grows the government and the debt.  Their world: food stamps and unemployment benefits create jobs.  Our world: food stamps and unemployment benefits destroy jobs and create dependency.  Their world: We created 2 million jobs.  Our world: They destroyed 2 million jobs.  Their world: Terrorist = opposition to unrestricted government growth.  Our world: Patriot = opposition to unrestricted government growth.  I could go on but I think you get the point.

Obama has said that he will unveil his new "jobs" plan in September to jump-start the economy.  This "mutual annihilation" part of anti-particle theory is really starting to make me nervous.

By the way - do you know what the costliest substance in our world is?  If you guessed anti-matter you would be correct.