Obama's Parallel Universe

It's all finally starting to sense, we're not all crazy.  Our President obviously comes from a parallel universe and somehow worked his way to us through one of those wormholes we hear about in sci-fi flicks.  The only problem is that it is now apparent that it's not a universe like ours, but rather an anti-universe.   Paul Krugman (obviously one of the "sleepers" along with many others such as Carville) let the cat out of the bag on this one by calling for an alien attack in order to "stimulate" the economy.  I hope "they" didn't get the message! Merriam-Webster  defines antiparticle as : a subatomic particle identical to another subatomic particle in mass but opposite to it in electric and magnetic properties (as sign of charge) that when brought together with its counterpart produces mutual annihilation; especially : a subatomic particle not found in ordinary matter.     In theory an anti-universe is made entirely of these...(Read Full Post)