The real political spectrum

When I was growing up, a teacher frequently instructed the class to exercise moderation in our lives.  In my little fish bowl, this common sense advice seemed like it was applied by people in all walks of life, and was echoed in the politics of the day by the mainstream media (MSM).  When liberal policies had a chance to make it through Congress the MSM would refer to conservatives to as right wing extremists, and admonish conservative viewers to be more moderate to pass a bill.  This process still works today -- however, it's effectiveness is being reduced by a more engaged citizenry.  Now, because of a more learned analysis it's apparent that the MSM's political spectrum and plea for moderation are socialist subterfuges.  The political spectrum of the MSM is shown in Figure 1, with moderates taking the reasonable position between the ideologies of liberalism and conservatism.  In my younger days I confess that this moderate position seemed like the...(Read Full Post)