Behind the green curtain

Can this country survive the next 14 months of bureaucratic tyranny led by this Administration? We now have new fuel economy standards in place that will eventually add over $11,000 to the retail price of an average motor vehicle.  When we look behind the green curtain that hides this governmental mugging of America, we can see that the $11,000 is another large-scale redistribution of income from the producers in the society, to the government and the ever-expanding dependent/victim class.  Marx and Engels must be smiling up at us from hell at their protégé's success in turning America back into a grotesquely twisted society where class and race once again separate us in policy decisions of all things politic. 

From we read:

The Obama administration's new fuel economy standards would require automakers to produce cars and light trucks with an average fuel economy of 54.5 mpg by 2025. The Center for Automotive Research says their study is "the result of 11 months of effort and investigation by researchers at CAR in 2010-2011."

Zoe Lipman, the National Wildlife Federation's Senior Manager for Transportation and Global Warming Solutions argued on a conference call held Thursday that the estimated fuel savings due to these standards will outweigh the "modest" motor vehicle price increases for consumers.

Thomas Pyle, the president of the Institute for Energy Research disagrees with Lipman. "The Obama administration's latest fuel economy mandates are an aggressive step away from consumer choice and towards government control," he said in a USA Today op-ed. "Every day, Americans are seeing the negative consequences of the administration's increasingly aggressive meddling in the economy-more government control and less consumer choice."

So reach into you wallets America, $11,000 of your after tax dollars is just peanuts, merely chump change, for all you white, rich, racist, bourgeoisie capitalist running dogs. Of course increased car prices could lead to lower car sales.  But not in Obama's America, since the same government that can now mandate that you purchase health insurance, will simply mandate that you junk that old low mileage car and purchase a swell new high mileage, government certified vehicle.

Oh, but that can't happen here?

Wanna bet?